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Tipping Point Media was unofficially established in the summer months of 2012 after returning from an inspiring trip to Machu Picchu. Jim, an amateur filmmaker at the time, was leaning towards pursuing his love for video editing and making it a full-time career switch. After 4 years of building up some hard gained experience and making my own transition into web development, we have officially stuck with calling ourselves Tipping Point Media Studios.

This blog is not just made to share the latest in web, coding and video technologies, but it remains as an outlet for us to express our passion for the world and our work. Sharing that with others is what this site allows us to do.

We’re all about helping and inspiring others with our craft, no matter what walk of life you are from. The internet contains a vast abundance of resources for everyone. We also feel like contributing back to it in our own way and are blessed everyday to have the opportunity to do so. We hope to help people reach the tipping point of their lives in one way or another, as we journey into ours…

When we’re not behind the computer, you can find Jim playing vintage board games and foodsploring with friends. I’m usually cooking something new in the kitchen, spending time with my Corgi, and planning my next travel adventure.


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