**Note: I am NOT affiliated with these 3rd party software apps, just recommending them for purposes of recording Skype calls**

Here is an updated tutorial of how to record a Skype call using Sound Siphon 2. There has been significant changes since I last used Garageband in its user interface, and the Soundflowerbed app is no longer being actively updated. Following my previous tutorial, I had issues trying to connect LineIn to Soundflower. So, it’s suggested to look into the three 3rd party apps below, give them a demo run, and see which one you like best before purchasing them. Garageband also is no longer free for newer Macs released after October 2014 (unless you have previously saved it within the App store before then). I personally like Sound Siphon and carry a licensed version, as they have an open API for developers to play with (not that it matters much to non-devs, but hey that’s pretty sweet imo 🙂

Sound Siphon 2: http://staticz.com

Caleb’s eCamm call recorder tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amPVQOZzUic

Pamela for Windows: https://www.pamela.biz/shop/pamela_call_recorder_1


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