As a front-end developer, it’s important for me to stay inspired and motivated to learning new things in my field. Whether that’s learning things within my realm or completely outside of it (as of late, its been functional programming, random right?), I always find myself trying to figure out how a certain user interface works that sparks some kind of curiosity in me. There are a couple sites that I’ve found useful to keep that spark going and keeping that inspiration to learning new things. Below are my top 5 favorite sites for design inspiration in no particular order that you may just find me web surfing on a chill Sunday morning or slow day at work.


  1. – Who doesn’t love Codepen? It’s like Dribble but for front-end developers. One of the first things you see as you land on the homepage are samples of animations and unique designs in action. You can view the code used in a JSFiddle format for certain interfaces and even edit the code to play around with yourself! If you’re a Codepen user, feel free to follow me along here.
  2. Panda (Chrome extension here) – This is a Google Chrome extension that I have installed in both my personal and work computers, and for good reason! If you want to stay connected to the latest design/tech news across multiple news channels all in one spot, this is your go-to e-reader feed. It visually displays a stream of updates from popular designs on Dribble and Behance to trending news topics on Mashable and Hacker News. Just beware of your time on it, as it can be addicting!
  3. UserOnboard – This website is mainly geared to those with an eye for UX Design and a curiosity to see the bigger picture of the user on-boarding process. Its a collection of cases that shows the visual on-boarding processes when users sign up to use a product (whether on websites or mobile). If you like looking at user flows with a bit of humorous feedback sprinkled on the side, then you’ll find this site quite enjoyable to check out.
  4. Pinterest – Yup, this social media site is something I keep tabs on for thinking outside the box. It’s refreshing to have a feed of visual inspiration from typography use to UI designs to unique web templates. There are also loads of infrographic styled posts that you don’t normally see on other design-centric sites like Dribble. You may come across some other random things too like cooking tips and cute puppies – but don’t say I didn’t warn you. 🙂
  5. FromUpNorth – If you’re more into skimming through galleries of top graphical user interface samples in a magazine-style way, you will find this site a great find. I personally enjoy their Interview and Video gallery sections for inspiration. You can view a list of categories as well to see what suits your taste.


Well, that’s a wrap! I can, of course, include several more sites that provide my daily or weekly dose of inspiration. However, these would be the top sources that I go to on a more regular basis than usual. If you have a website that you find yourself browsing through for design inspiration, definitely share that below in a comment. If there is enough interest, I can always make a more extensive list in the future to archive all these awesome sites on the web that we can all draw inspiration from.



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