**Note: I am NOT affiliated with Netlify in any way. Just recommending it as a tool for efficient front-end development workflow.**

This tutorial is mainly a brief walkthrough of the features I have used within the Netlify platform. There are several ways it can support your front-end development projects – from side-projects to personal portfolio sites and prototypes, to single page applications. Netlify provides support and hosting for an array of static sites on their global CDN (content delivery network) that is highly reliable, secure, and scalable. In this video, I cover some of the features I use such as their automatic bundling and minification of scripts, continuous deployment with git, optimization of images for faster website load performance, history log in the case of website version rollback, and form handling support. There are many more features that Netlify allows on their platform, but these are the main important ones that I consistently have used on each of the sites I’ve uploaded through their hosting service. Below is the link to Netlify’s documentation that I mention in the video:

Netlify Documentation (referring to Form Handling and Custom Domains): https://www.netlify.com/docs


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